whyers presentations at AgileTour HK 2016

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whyers presentations at AgileTour HK 2016

Pedro Pimentel 4 min 184 1
whyers presentations at Agile Tour Hong Kong 2016, by Daryl Chan and Pedro Pimentel from why innovation!
whyers presentations at AgileTour HK 2016
Agile Tour Hong Kong was held on November, 19th 2016 and we had 2 whyers delivering a total of 3 presentations at the conference. You can recall those moments by reading our recap blog post.
We now proudly share the content of those talks with all of you. We hope you enjoy the show :)
PS: can you spot another whyer on the videos? 

Understanding Complexity
Daryl Chan & Stephanie Tong

​Agility is Unsettling

Pedro Pimentel

​The Path to Continuous Delivery 
(impromptu talk)
Pedro Pimentel & Steven Mak

Agile (mal)Practices considered harmful
Tung Lam Vu

XP Practices as Scaffolding for Breakthrough Companies

Tung Lam Vu

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