The Goat, the Monkey and the Rooster - why innovation!

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The Goat, the Monkey and the Rooster - why innovation!

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The Goat, the Monkey and the Rooster, an article written by Yann Hamon, Managing Director at why innovation!
The Goat, the Monkey and the Rooster
The year of the Rooster is upon us - Gong xi fa cai!
For Chinese, the Rooster is associated with honesty and resilience, but also luck and prosperity. Slightly differently in France, it’s a symbol of hope and faith but also of bravery and pride. So as a Frenchman in Asia for many years already, this can only be a good sign for 2017. Now that the year the Monkey is ending (by the way, also a symbol of agility) it is time for me to reflect on the growth of why innovation! and also share a little bit about what will make 2017 a special year.

Looking back at your journey
In July 2014 - the year of the Horse - why innovation! was created based on the vision that Business Agility and Product Innovation were the two main battles companies need to win to survive in the digital era. Convinced that the main challenge is to change institutionalized ways of working and management culture, our mission is to enable, facilitate and mentor the shift of mindset, the adoption of practices and introduction of tools required for a successful digital transformation.

In 2015 - the year of the Goat – we built upon our eight year relationship with BNP Paribas to strengthen our overall Agile transformation capability and diversify our client portfolio. This manifested in rapidly beginning work with new clients such as DBS, Symantec and Prudential.

We also had success in Hong Kong, with an extensive Agile training program for Cathay Pacific Airways turning into supporting their Agile adoption through to the end of 2015. By that time, why innovation! could lay claim to having more than ten Agile experts and also having developed a professional yet adaptive approach to organisational transformation.

For 2016, our strategic goals were to grow the business in Hong Kong and to develop our digital innovation services. No Monkey business! Our considered approach to Agile transformation and the practical yet strategic mindset of our consultants, persuaded HSBC Hong Kong to select why innovation! to support their Agile and DevOps journey. At the same time we also started working with Carrefour and AXA. By the end of the year, we signed a lease for a warehouse space in Tai Kok Tsui to establish a Hong Kong office. Look out for more news shortly on the opening date for this open and inspiring space where we will host trainings, workshops, and bring together clients and other practitioners in the Agile and innovation communities to gather, learn and exchange freely.

On the Digital Innovation front, key successes included supporting STE Engineering and ComfortDelgro in rejuvenating their taxi booking apps and workflow (customer and drivers), and facilitating the adoption of cutting edge product development techniques at BNP Paribas CX Digital.

Our Product Management course was a great success, with more than 200 people trained. We have begun to integrate our concrete experiences and Agile expertise in large organisations with the best from the worlds of startup, design and digital – and look forward to reaching out to the public with this holistic view of creating successful, creative products.

One more achievement worth mentioning is the launch of Red Dot Innovation, a series of monthly events about innovation and its eco-system in Singapore. With almost 1,500 members, Red Dot Innovation is one of the largest meetup group in Singapore.
The Road Ahead
Long story short, we’ve achieved a lot in the past few years, and would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients for their trust and their loyalty in working with us, and building up long standing mutually fulfilling relationships.

I also want to extend my thanks to my fellow whyers. With more than twenty consultants, trainers and coaches, we are a diverse but united team, tirelessly developing ourselves whilst dedicated to delivering meaningful change which make our customers happy. We have done a good job!

We look at the rooster year with confidence to continue our success and excitement to be growing our team and our reach and impact. We have three key goals for 2017:
  1. To be recognized as the #1 niche player in the region for Business Agility & Digital Innovation enablement
  2. To grow our new business unit in Mainland China (did I mention that we opened up a Shanghai office in December 2016?)
  3. To develop new market segments – initially focusing on Government and Public agencies in Singapore.

​These objectives will be supported by a significant effort to increase why innovation! visibility and brand recognition as a digital transformation partner. You will hear about us in 2017. COCORICO! (cock-a-doodle-do)

By Yann Hamon, Director

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