Recap: Agile Tour 2016 Hong Kong - why innovation!

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Recap: Agile Tour 2016 Hong Kong - why innovation!

Recap: Agile Tour 2016 Hong Kong
why innovation!
2 min
28 Nov. 2016
why innovation! was delighted to support Agile Tour 2016 Hong Kong, with two of our consultants (and Agile Coaches) Pedro Pimentel and Daryl Chan having presented sessions on the day.

Pedro Pimentel investigated the concept of ‘liminality’. Adopting Agile can cause quite a lot of turmoil for individuals and organizations making the transition. By understanding this disorientating state, Agile coaches can be better equipped to support others and understand how to use it as a catalyst for change.

Pedro even had the time to step in for an absent speaker and present a session on Continuous Delivery.


On the other side, Daryl Chan teamed up with Stephanie Tong to explore the topic of complexity  through a set of interactive exercises. Complexity is a word and concept found in almost all environments, however, the theory behind what this actually means, is not so common. The session showed how complexity, Agile and Scrum go hand in hand how this knowledge can help us achieve better outcomes no matter what our context.
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