Organisation Agility workshop

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Organisation Agility workshop

Organisation Agility workshop
Yann Hamon
2 min
08 Aug. 2014
Yesterday we did an Organisation Agility session with the whole why innovation! team. Setting up individual coaching plans for each of us to foster agile collaboration and decision making within the tribe. 

Prior to the workshop, the Agility level of each member is assessed using the Agile Profile (r) tool and the team consolidated profile is built. Then we collaboratively established the desired profile for why innovation! team considering the current context of the company (strategic goals, SWOT, etc.). By analyzing the discrepancies, we established an action plan which will then be derived with the coach and each member into an individual coaching plan. 

Applying our own medicine... Good fun and amazing outcomes!

Yann Hamon - Managing Director at why innovation!
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