inspearit Singapore becomes why innovation!

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inspearit Singapore becomes why innovation!

inspearit Singapore becomes why innovation!
Yann Hamon
5 min
22 Jul. 2014

July 2014 is an important milestone for me personally and professionally. I am very happy to announce that I have taken the control of inspearit Pte. Ltd. with the support of private investors. The inspearit Singapore team stays united and will continue operating under a new banner: why innovation!  

I started the operations of DNV IT Global Services in Singapore back in 2008, two years after creating the Shanghai office. In 2011, as one of the manager of the MBO of ITGS, I carved out ITGS business from DNV and created inspearit structure in Singapore. During the three years in the Netherlands, I have kept the management responsibility for Asia business, maintaining the relationship with our clients, supervising our delivery and directing the teams. Relocated in Singapore since 2013 I have a full knowledge of the business and our clients. I am very confident about what the future holds in store for why innovation! 

Actually, during the last 10 years I have driven or been involved in quite a few Agile transformation initiatives in various industries and countries. This experience makes me believe that Agile will soon become the norm for not only software development but for the whole organization. We already know that Agile contributes to better customer satisfaction, better fit of new products with market demand, better quality and productivity. But what I think is the most important benefit of Agile is that it enables innovation. And today, two major trends are forcing companies to reinvent themselves. 

First, the boom of digital technology provides huge opportunities for engaging clients and providing new services. “Every business is a digital business”. Companies must build new processes, new channels and new products. And they need to make it quick and right.

The other major change I see is the raise of the Y generation in the workforce. These techno savvy young professionals are always connected, communicate through social network platforms, access information and services instantly at any time, decide and act quickly. They challenge self-proclaimed authority, have been educated as team players and learn through self-discovery by googling the internet. Collaboration, fast delivery, empowerment, team, trust, I see a good fit between Agile and the Y generation values. But attracting and retaining this new generation of talents requires an adapted management style and working environment.

why innovation!’s purpose is to support our clients by addressing this double challenge: developing an innovation culture and building new digital solutions to support new services. Our ambition is to become a recognized innovation enabler by major players in finance, transport, logistics and eventually retail. In addition to our current trainings and services for Agile transformation, we will develop our offer to support innovation management and assist the development of new products. To ensure the access to the proper competence mix, we will connect our clients to a network of partners who provide technologies, expertise and tools. 

The whole team is very excited about the launch of why innovationand I am looking forward to continue working with our current customers and getting to serve new ones. I am positive that we will deliver value in the form of innovative capabilities. I would very much like to hear feedback from you about this new change as well as any question you might have.

Yann Hamon - Director
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