Insights from Global Scrum Gathering Singapore 2017

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Insights from Global Scrum Gathering Singapore 2017

Hiep Le 2 min
Insights from Global Scrum Gathering Singapore 2017

Observation and take-way from Global Scrum Gathering Singapore 2017

Scrum Gathering Singapore Conference
Global Scrum Gathering Singapore 2017 is closed. 3 days have gone by and fast. Many sessions, countless of conversation and small talk. Here is my 3 key take-aways from the largest Scrum Conference in Singapore.
How often we just forget to ask
Asking for help turns out to be quite difficult, even for members in a Scrum team, with Daily Scrum, Sprint Retrospective, Sprint Review; there are plenty of chances to speak up but somehow, we just don’t ask.

This insight comes to me during the conference while I was observing Q&A sessions. As you know, question and answer is a great way to exchange knowledge and share issues.

Questions are constantly thrown in the air, and in response, answers or ideas. I can see how happy some participants can be when they know the answer or direction to their problems; that is good. However, many of those questions (including some of mine) should not wait until an occasion like this conference. I wonder why.

Maybe in our professional place, we are limited onto our own context, restricted by the familiar environment, constrained by the collective habits; we seldom consider asking or even thinking about those outstanding questions within daily working day.

Maybe only in a total open space with external professionals, those questions are ignited and emerged.

Set up ambitious goal and make achievable steps
One of the key approach in Agile and Scrum is continuously deliver small and valuable product increment. While this approach is effective and creates a lot of inspect and adapt points; without a big bold ambitious goal, it doesn’t motivate the team members involved to deliver more than expectation.

David Lim and his keynote about the ambitious goal of carrying out the first Singapore Mount Everest Expedition; and how to reach that goal with smaller achievable steps is one of the key take-away for many people.

We are drawn to who/what we are familiar
In the conference, there are 6 parallel rooms; each room has different speaker and topic. Participants are free to choose which room to go to. It is a common pattern to see participants drawn into a topic that they already know.

Scrum Masters - Agile Coaches go to facilitation topic.
Developers go to a technical talk.
Managers go to a leadership presentation.

While there is nothing wrong with this, isn’t it thought-provoking that unconsciously we human tend to keep learning what we already know? Maybe we just want to be sure we are doing the work the right way more than if there is new way to do it. We like to learn, but something we are slightly familiar with is better than something completely new.

Written by Hiep Le (why Innovation! Agile Coach) 
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