How We Do It

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How We Do It

How we do it

We create bespoke Agile solutions

to satisfy the needs of your organisation

Our Change Management Approach


By understanding business objectives and working culture, we facilitate the creation of a shared vision of the future Agile organisation and a sound adaptive transformation plan to achieve it.

Organisational Agility

By using an iterative change process, we create customer-centric, multi-disciplinary and self-organised teams that create delightful customer experiences and deliver business outcomes.

Digital Innovation

By collaborating between business and technology, we ingrain ideation practices, quick assumption testing and data-driven product management to optimise market-fit.

Agile Mindset

By training, shadowing and coaching people and teams, we develop awareness, buy-in and desire to embrace values of teamwork, trust, fast outcome, transparency and adaptiveness.

Our unique A3 approach ensures faster results and an ongoing transfer of knowledge that helps our clients develop strong internal capabilities to successfully lead their own transformation journey at a sustainable pace.

Our Framework & methodologies - YANG

Our project delivery approach

At why innovation! we use a proprietary YANG framework – an Agile and systemic approach to delivery.

This unique approach aims to execute our services concisely, by delivering value incrementally and continuously, whilst meeting our clients’ expectations.

Objective and client benefit

Years of successful project delivery experience and a proven track record helps us to leverage an assets-based delivery methodology, that ensures high quality and speedy delivery to our clients.

Our clients have enjoyed and appreciated our delivery and service approach. Some key characteristics of our YANG framework have been highlighted here.

  • Explicit Customer expectation

  • Measurable Outcome

  • Incremental Value Delivery

  • Increase Agile Assets

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

  • High Quality Delivery

  • Issue and Risk Management

  • Increase Continuous Improvement

  • Maximise Transparency

The 4 steps to Success


  • Work with the client to set objectives and KPI
  • Identify all stakeholders involved and assess their influence and favourability
  • Co-create transparent and effective communication plan and tracking

Scan and Backlog

  • Understand status quo and organisation readiness
  • Build a synthetic mission backlog with prioritisation
  • Kick start initial organisation discovery and preparation

Incremental delivery

  • Progressive service delivery, plan big and start from small
  • Regular backlog refinement and grooming
  • Regular review or demo with client
  • Regular retrospective to incorporate feedback and improvement

Delivery of value   

  • Moving forward, co-create winning strategy and plan
  • Structured A3 and metrics reporting on deliverables
  • Co-create moving forward and winning strategy and plan

certified coaches to help you transform


Main domains for Transformations


events and conferences hosted   

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