France Singapore Innovation Day - why innovation!

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France Singapore Innovation Day - why innovation!

France Singapore Innovation Day on 13th November 2014
why innovation!
2 min
17 Oct. 2014


why innovation! has supported the France Singapore Innovation Day event on the 13th November 2014 as silver sponsor. 

The theme of this 4th edition of the FSID was “Productivity in the 2020 workplace”. 

It was an interesting event that gathered 200 people mixing people from various companies and background including SMEs, MNCs and government bodies.

After the panel session about “Partners and Clients Management”, Yann Hamon, Director of why innovation! exposed why an Agile approach for managing projects stakeholders represents today a unique alternative to reduce the 65% waste that the Software industry generates.

Later in the afternoon, Yann participated to the third workshop, “Team and Talent Management” with representatives of Cegos, A-Star and facebbok. The panel was facilitated by Kevin Yong from Essec. The discussion was centred on the organizational challenges ahead including the clash of generations in the workplace, the technology race, the need to structure company differently to support alternative way of working and promoting discipline and functional collaboration. Yann exposed why innovation! change management approach for transforming organizations for leveraging agile and innovation capabilities.

The following details of the event can be found on our Facebook page and our Youtube Channel. Subscribe to our pages for regular updates on any upcoming activities.
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