Driving business agility in supply-chain management

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Driving business agility in supply-chain management

Case Studies
Driving business agility in supply-chain management
Global Sports Apparel Company
Hong Kong

Our client’s mission is to be the best sports apparel company in the world. 

To achieve that mission, they are creating a product-led / Agile organization to drive business growth and innovation for their tech investments globally. 


To achieve business agility, the Hong Kong Supply Chain team had to transition from traditional project (waterfall) to product (Agile) ways of working.

This involved:


To fit into the clients’ busy schedule, our consultants customized a series of more than 30 bite-sized Agile training modules of 1.5 hours each. Every session included a hands-on activity to give important practical experience.

Everyone, including vendors who worked with our client were trained. The number of participants averaged around eight per session.

Together with a more comprehensive hands-on Agile coaching, this supplemental, bite-sized training approach worked well.

In this way the teams were better able to become self-sustaining in their Agile ways of working within nine to 12 months. We trained over 100 people. 

In summary, the main outcomes we helped our client achieve are:

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