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Agile enterprise

Enterprise Agility to establish a flexible organisation structure and way of working driven by Agile values and principles where high-performing teams are empowered to delight customers through continuous delivery of business value; servant leaders unleash the power of self-organised teams towards well communicated objectives

Scaling Agile at enterprise level requires the following components:

  • Embracing Agile values and mindset
  • Organisation re-design to align structure with business value streams
  • Re-engineering of support processes to enable end-to-end agility
  • Adoption of Agile delivery best practices by teams
  • Servant leaders to empower high-performing teams
  • Transparent communication of business performance

At why innovation! we build Agile enterprise by acting on people, processes and technology to enable:

  • A shared understanding of Agile values, principles & frameworks in the company
  • The collaborative design of an Agile operating model
  • A culture of servant leadership to develop teams and foster productivity
  • Mastery of Agile practices at all organisation’s levels
  • The institutionalisation of measurable performance improvement

Change management

A structured Change Management approach to implement prioritised changes iteratively, optimise business impact and realise measurable benefits; the long-term vision is refined regularly based on achievements through the inspect and adapt cycle; the continuous improvement process integrates most operating processes of the organisation

In any digital transformation, change management is often underestimated. Effective change management entails:

  • Visible sponsorship and strong leadership
  • A compelling vision backed by a cohesive strategic plan
  • Defined measurable objectives and targeted communications
  • Consistent implementation supported by training and adoption support

why innovation! will work with you to achieve the following outcomes to drive and manage organisational change:

  • Assessment of change opportunities, visioning and planning
  • Clarity in roles and responsibilities
  • Awareness and desire to change
  • Structured change management implementation
  • Continuous change practices ingrained in operating model
  • Increased employee resilience levels

Business innovation

Business Innovation to transform collected insights into business opportunities and bring to market new products and services, supported by profitable business models and leading to additional revenue streams; innovation is a systemic experimental process where multiple stakeholders co-create value in an ideate, test, measure, learn, persevere or pivot loop

To stay ahead of the game and be future ready, organisations need to evolve constantly. Key characteristics of innovative companies include:

  • A culture of innovation across the whole organisation
  • Strategic planning and metrics-based innovation governance
  • Co-creation of ideas and products with customers and partners
  • A structured experience-based, outside-in approach to innovation
  • Collaborative environment and tools

We understand that you are unique, which is why we custom fit our innovation programmes to suit your specific needs and requirements. We help you to:

  • Curate innovation events to create awareness
  • Develop an innovation mindset across the organisation
  • Institutionalise innovation processes, practices and tools
  • Generate, explore and prioritise areas to innovate
  • Rapidly test new ideas and concepts
  • Set up innovation and accelerator labs to drive organisational innovation
  • Establish sustainable innovation management programs

Product management

Agile Product Management to develop digital assets supporting a business vision and associated benefit objectives through an iterative approach. Delivering a limited featured version quickly to early adopters provides valuable feedback for refining the product vision and optimising its market fit.

Product management is at the core of any organisation to remain relevant. It helps leveraging technology to build, develop and deliver new or existing products and services. To be effective, Agile Product Management requires:

  • A clear vision about the product and its business benefits
  • A reference framework to quantify product business value to prioritise product scope
  • Clear responsibilities and product leadership, collaboration between business and technology
  • Disciplined requirement management to continuously provide requirements to the team
  • Regular users’ feedback to refine the vision and prioritise features
  • A solid tool to manage requirements and centralise good quality product data

At why innovation! we help organisations to deliver fit-for-purpose digital product within business constraints – e.g. cost and timeline. We support all product stakeholders by:

  • Facilitating the elaboration of an agreed vision for the product
  • Develop strong Product Ownership capability by means of training and mentoring
  • Defining a feature value framework – e.g. OKR – to drive product road mapping
  • Document an effective end-to-end product management process – including product innovation and design
  • Resolve any friction between product management and development team
  • Setting up a central data repository for product management and development
  • Establish metrics and dashboard for product performance

Human-centric design

Human-centric Design aims to provide customers, users, employees and partners the best possible experience when engaging with the organisation; continuous production of accurate insights about needs, expectations and pain points feed the change management process to differentiate from competitors

An effective human-centric design engine is structure around 5 major parts:

  • Segmentation and insights production
  • Accessible focus groups for onsite observation and feedback collection
  • Collaboration space and workgroup facilitation
  • Technology awareness, prototyping and testing platforms
  • Portfolio management

At why innovation! we help organisations to ingrain a human-centric approach to designing solutions to business problems. We work together with you to:

  • Drive or perform market research
  • Profile your customer and characterise personas
  • Establish and animate focus group to address specific business issues or opportunities
  • Design a repeatable methodology and reusable assets for solutioning design
  • Design and deliver delightful experiences to your customers, employees and partners
  • Validate solutions through prototypes & user testing
  • Create a culture of collaborative problem solving
  • Create strong brand ambassadors

Data-driven management

Data-driven Management aims to institutionalise a culture of objective, fact-based decision-making and identify at the earliest new offer or changes that do not meet demand or expected benefits; establishing and continuously monitoring leading metrics to measure customer value is essential.

Authentic Data-driven Management relies on:

  • Clear quantitative objectives to drive data strategies
  • Widespread data analytics and data management competences
  • Continuous, near real-time collection, aggregation and storage of multiple sources of data
  • Technologies for collecting, analysing and interpreting data
  • Easy access to data and distribution of business sense-making metrics and information
  • A culture of decision making based on trusted data

At why innovation! we accelerate data-driven management adoption by:

  • Aligning quantitative objectives of business initiatives, product or services with business goals
  • Integrating measurement in the organisation operating model
  • Defining leading metrics to drive management prioritisation and decision making
  • Designing data repositories for measuring progress towards the objectives
  • Building dashboards and accurate forecasts to predict performance
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